CRNA's in raleigh or neighboring areas?

  1. does anyone know of any certified registered nurse anesthetist's in Raleigh or in the neighboring areas? I would actually like to know of any that are African American specifically.
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  3. by   sandanrnstudent
    My uncle is a CRNA in Rocky Mount,NC. (45 miles east of raleigh) He is not African American however.

  4. by   jlmercer
    I appreciate the feedback. The fact that he isn't AA is not that big of a deal. I was just for someone in the area that could possibly be my mentor or possibly shadow at some point, so that I can see for myself exact what their day is like. Rocky Mount is a little far for me to travel with todays gas prices. Thank you anyway.
  5. by   sandanrnstudent
    Understood. He teaches CRNA students also - in raleigh I think, not too sure. He's always busy, but knowledgeable in the field (12 years in I think)

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