CPCC Nursing Pre-Req

  1. I Am A Nc Resident That Moved To Nyc In March To Have My Son Because All My Family Is Here. I Do Not Like It Here. I Miss Nc. I Am Interested In The Nursing Program At Cpcc Or Forsyth-tech. Anyone Knows What The Pre-reqs Are And If There Are Any That I Can Take Online.
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  3. by   Spoiled1
    CPCC pre-req's are psych, english, public speaking, A&P, Micro, and Chem.
    Some of the above courses can be taken with the nursing courses, but Chemistry (chm 121), is the only one you have to have prior.

    Also their application process is based on a point system, you choose 4 of your top grades (A's)--have to be related to the pre-req's, and also you get 1 pt for each of the Biology's you take (A&P 168, A&P 169, and Micro-bio 275), then you get 3 pts for volunteer experience, OR 4 pts for work experience. They also count your reading placement test score, which is a minimum of 80, and a maximum of 120( so that is 8-12 pts), making a total of 31 points. I am applying for the fall of 2007, they also have a spring admission date now. you may want to call them 704-330-6496, and ask about the Spring deadline.

    Many people on here are saying they have a waiting list, which isn't true. Most of the schools are accepting people a year in advance, therefore you have to wait to get in--but its not a waiting list.The best bet is to take some of those classes and get A's, and definitely take the bio's if you can. I think A&P is offered online but you will stay have to go to campus for the lab.I know psych, and developmental psyc is online, I even think the public speaking course is online. Get some work experience--it gives you the most points. From what I have heard many of the students don't have the biologies done, or they lack the work experience. I have the work experience and two of the Bio's. I stand a good chance of getting it. I am so EXCITED. They have a great program, and the cost is good. If you have anymore questions, let me know!