CNA Classes in Charlotte and Surrounding Areas

  1. I was looking at CNA programs in the Charlotte area and I wanted to get everyone's opinions. There are a number of full courses to choose from, general cost is about $500 and vary in time and scheduling, then there are short classes (one day, two day, etc.) that are about $200-$300, and finally there are the refresher classes for skills which are $150-$250 some letting you go back as many times as you need to practice.

    I consider myself pretty adept, especially when it comes to common sense, plus I have access to books as well as testing practice information that a friend gave me who took a short CNA class. There are also videos on YouTube for skills and I have at least one or two people who are willing to let me practice on them.

    I don't really have $500 to spend on a class, so I'm looking more at the short class or maybe just the refresher after studying a lot on my own. I am not sure if I want to tackle the test without any sort of class though I know it is also an option.

    What I am wondering is, do you benefit more in the job setting if you take a full class, or should I just get my certification with the less costly and faster methods so I can start working sooner? and What facilities have you all received your certification at and how was the experience?
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  3. by   NurseS2014
    it is best to go ahead and take the full lenght class which are the state approved programs which consist of 75hrs or more website to look for some state approved programs within your area is ( reasons being is that if u want to attend nursing program some require that u have completed a state approved nursing assistant course same as if u wanted to work in a also just looks better. now i u just wanted to do homecare or private duty they usually dont require it....