CMC New Grad Program

  1. Hello
    Anyone out there applying to the CMC New Grad Program for this year? (2010) I think the application deadline was March 1st.....
    Good luck if you are applying!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   TarHealRN
    Have an interview coming up! Good luck to you too!
  4. by   gigi01
    TarHeal did you apply to the new grad program? I haven't heard anything from them
  5. by   TarHealRN
    I did, but I decided to contact a manager directly. If you don't hear anything before, I'd suggest giving that a shot because I believe interviews are starting at the end of the month.
    Good luck, and maybe I'll see you around the caf when we are both nurses =)
  6. by   gigi01
    good for you... i live out of state and i really don't know anyone at CMC but i'm hoping and praying I get it (fingers crossed)... Good luck to you too if u don't mind... what area are you interviewing for?
  7. by   celclt
    gigi- have you applied to other hospitals? CMC is tough to get into, even for employees
  8. by   gigi01
    @ celclt i don't know of any other hospitals in Charlotte.... do you know any hospitals in the charlotte area hiring new grads? i thought all hospitals in the area were CMC hospitals... any help will be appreciated
  9. by   justwandering31
    Has anyone else heard back from CMC yet?

    Gigi01-CMC and Presbyterian are the two hospitals in Charlotte, both had New Grad deadlines March 1st. There are also many hospitals in the surrounding area. I looked at some in the surrounding area that are listing positions that do not require experience. I am not sure how far you are willing to travel.
    1. CMC Union, Monroe, NC (30min from Charlotte)-Although they are CMC they have their own employment site.
    2. Cleveland Regional Medical Center, Shelby, NC (1hr from Charlotte)-They have an actual New Grad listing.
    3. Catawba Valley Medical Center, Hickory, NC (1hr from Charlotte)
    4. High Point Regional (1 1/2hrs from Charlotte)
    (Travel times are based on Mapquest from uptown.)
    If you are in south Charlotte, you may also want to consider South Carolina.
    1. Piedmont Medical Center, Rock Hill, SC
    2. Springs Memorial Hospital, Lancaster, SC
    3. Palmetto Health, Columbia, SC (Columbia is about 1hr-1 1/2hr from south Charlotte)
    4. Providence Hospital, Columbia, SC
    There are other hospitals I have not listed, however, the above are the ones I know have employment possibilities for new grads at this time.
  10. by   justwandering31
    Nevermind, I got my "DENIED" letter in the mail today from CMC. Better luck next time, I guess. Good luck to everyone else who applied.
  11. by   cam_RN
    justwandering31- I feel your pain! I just recieved my "rejection" letter from Piedmont. And unfortunately that's the only interview I've been able to score in two months of trying. Did you have an interview at CMC? I applied in Jan and haven't heard a thing! I graduated in December, but missed the October deadline for December graduates. I've called a million times, but the recuiter says the same thing every time, "We are only hiring/interviewing May 2010 graduates at this time." ...Sooooo frustrating!
  12. by   justwandering31
    Cam RN - I did not have an interview with CMC, they rejected me without even giving me an interview. It may be a good sign that you haven't heard anything yet. The letter was postmarked on 4/15 so if you don't have one, maybe they are planning on interviewing you. I am crossing my fingers for you. This job hunting sucks, I wish you luck. I hope you are able to try applying to some of the hospitals I listed above.
  13. by   gigi01
    thanks a whole lot *justwandering, i am checking out all those hospitals and i am about to start applying really soon.... it's hard out here for new nurses... i am about to go check the mail box... i live out of state so maybe my rejection letter is just taking longer to get to me... ):
  14. by   cam_RN
    justwandering... did you graduate in Dec or this semester??? I haven't received such a letter, however, I don't understand why they would hold on to my application for three months and not yours?!? Or maybe my rejection letter is still in the mail... Do you have any idea as to why? I'm really sorry; try to keep your head up and believe that perhaps you were not meant to begin your nursing career with CMC, and instead, were meant for much bigger and better things!!!

    Your suggestions are great and give those of us who need it, much hope! Best of luck to you as well... and try to stay positive!!!