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  1. Hubby and I are trying to plan a move from South Florida to Charlotte, NC in the next 2 years (we have 1 toddler, 1 on the way, and its my DREAM location for raising our family). As of now I have 4 years experience in a level III NICU here at Miami Children's Hospital, so what can you tell me about charlotte?

    Where are the best NICUs to work? What are the typical shifts/differentials? What is scheduling/holidays/pay like on average? How is management where you work (approachable, flexible)? If you commute, how far and what is traffic like?

    South Florida was fun for college but the past few years have worn on us and I'm eager to begin the research of really "Starting" our life. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   OptimisticNurse
    I work in the NICU @ Levine Children's Hospital (Carolinas Healthcare). We are the largest NICU in the region (53 beds) and we also do ECMO. We work 12hour shifts and we do self scheduling. Night diff is $4/hr and wknd diff is $3/hr. Expect to come on working nights. As day shifts become available, they are offered based on seniority. Management is... management. Assignments are very fair and manageable. Hope this helps.
  4. by   CanesNurse
    Thanks for the reply! I'm a night-shifter now and would most likely continue so that's not an issue. Self-scheduling is helpful since hubby and I try our best to work around each other and I typically work almost every weekend. How are holidays done?
    Management is management everywhere, lol, but I know here they are usually pretty willing to work with someone if they have special circumstances (lack of child care, going back to school, etc) and people are helpful with switching shifts if needed.
    I'm sure its less than Miami, but what do you think a semi-experienced nurse could expect for starting pay?
  5. by   OptimisticNurse
    How many years of experience do you have? Althouggh we just got market adjustments, do not expect to earn much. How much experience do you have? you must sign up for 2 Winter holidays and 2 summer holidays. Our unit is rather large so will always have options to switch with people. I would not come on board mentioning your special circumstances. Trust me, if you're smart about how you schedule you should have no problems coordinating things. We currentky have our Nurse Manager position vacant but things still appear to be running well. Good Luck
  6. by   CanesNurse
    Oh, I don't have any particular circumstances, I was speaking generally as to how our management works with staff to meet everyone's needs. Its nice to know that people are willing to switch in a pinch though. I had 4 years experience this past August, and I certainly don't expect to earn as much as I do here, I was just curious in a ballpark figure. I expect the cost of living in NC to be a lot lower than that of Miami, and the general atmosphere more suited to the lifestyle we're trying to create for our family )
  7. by   OptimisticNurse
    Approximately $23 an hour plus shift differential. Sorry if you are disappointed
  8. by   CanesNurse
    No disappointment here (if I were moving for the money I'd head out to CA) and thanks for your help its much appreciated!
  9. by   GoldenKnightRN

    Hey there! I am a local RN with mainly NICU and PICU experience.....I was considering applying for the current opening at Levine's NICU for the night time position. I was curious about how long does it take to get on to days? Also do people ever do half and half? For example, three weeks of days, 3 weeks of nights? I was also wondering if there is room to advance within the unit....I am also interested in education and teaching and was wondering if they have any sort of courses you can take to teach classes to parents (like newborn care, discharge teaching, etc.), or if not that then do they have any other ways to advance? What sort of shared governance or unit councils do you have?

    Sorry for a load of questions but it's a big deal to transition to a new hospital system and I am trying to get a better feel for CMC.

    Thanks a bunch!