Calling all CPCC Nursing Program Spring 2010 applicants!

  1. Hello! I applied to CPCC's Nursing Program in Charlotte, NC. I was told to expect a letter notifying me of my status by October. Has anyone out there received a letter yet???? I'm very nervous and excited at the same time:wink2:.
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  3. by   lisiebird
    Update... I just spoke with the admin at CPCC and the applications are still with the review committee. I was told that letters should go out next week sometime.
  4. by   lisiebird
    I received my acceptance letter yesterday!!! I am SO excited!!! I would love to hear from anyone who has or is attending the program at CPCC now for any tips and advice
  5. by   nursefuturama
    Hello lisiebird, what many points did you get on the application? What is the accepted letter like? I am going apply to Cpcc too. Thank you for post this forum. I am so nervous about taking the Teas. Do you think it was hard when you took it?

    Thank you for your respond.
  6. by   lisiebird
    Hi Nursefuturama,

    I had 27.8 points out of 30. The acceptance letter just states that they are please to inform you that you have been accepted into the program. You have to send a document back that states that you will accept the spot in the program. Then, there is a mandatory orientation that you must attend. If you do not comply with both of these things, you will be dropped from the program. With the acceptance letter, there is a big medical packet that you have to complete and bring with you to orientation.

    The TEAS exam was okay.... I would definitely get the Practice book from ATI Testing. I had the most difficulty with the Science portion. Just spend a lot of time brushing up on your Math, English and Science. If you can answer the questions in the practice book, you should be okay. I hope this answers your questions....

    Anyway, best of luck to you whenever you decide to apply!
  7. by   gandrad0
    Congrats!! I just started the program this semester and let me tell you it is HARD!!! especially since they just changed the program.....
  8. by   lisiebird
    Hi Gandrad0,

    Thanks! I can handle hard. What is the hardest part about the program for you? Any tips you can provide would be MOST APPRECIATED

  9. by   nursefuturama
  10. by   gandrad0
    umm... the tests are so hard...not the test formats because they are multiple choice but the questions in general.... they are the type of questions that have more than one correct answer...and they will give you all four correct choices and you must choose the BEST answer.....and there is a lot of information in each unit.....its way too much work.....when do you have orientation?
  11. by   nursefuturama
    I know the the threat that I posted is weird. That was because I tried two time to post from Cpcc computer, but it won't let me, and it worked on my own computer at home.

    First of all, I have to thank Lisiebird and gandrad0 for your information on Cpcc nursing. I am glad I got to know someone who were already in the program. Please give out recommendations to be success in this program. I could believe the computer won't let me post earlier.

    I plan to apply this January; I hope I will get it. I will try my best to ace that exam. Grandrs0: Do you recommend taking any other class beside the nursing class?
  12. by   gandrad0
    I don't recommend it... I am only taking this nursing class and it is killing me...there are people in my class who are taking an additional or even 2 additional classes... I personally don't know how they are doing it.... i have a to take my humanities class still and im going to take in the summer because it would be too much stress to take it now....i would really recommend taking anything and everything beforehand....although there are people who are taking an easy class just to stay full-time...
  13. by   lisiebird
    Thanks Gandrad0! I am familiar with the "pick the BEST answer" tests. Those are always more difficult. I am taking my Microbiology now and I have completed all other classes besides the nursing classes. I don't think I could manage it if I had general courses to take too. My orientation is Monday, October 5th. I guess this is one of those programs where if you want it bad enough, you'll get through??? How are the instructors?
  14. by   gandrad0
    The instructors are not bad but there is one instructor that may make you feel stupid at times...or at least that's how she makes me yes if you want it bad enough and try hard enough you will get it....What time do you have orientation? I have my third exam that day...make sure to do everything as soon as possible....and start buying your texts early too....if you need any more advice or have any questions let me know