bigfoot, nessie, NA II - has been sighted but never found......

  1. I have burned my little fingers to the bone searching for information on how to get certified as NA II (NC) and I haven't found squat

    I now bow to the infinite wisdom of my Allnurses brothers and sisters.....

    Any suggestions?
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  3. by   fgoff

    If there is a program for NA at your local CC they may be of assistance or the nursing department of the pass you are employed.

    Best of Luck???
  4. by   supermo
    Thanks for replying

    Nope, nope, and nope.
    Already tried all those.

    All CC have is NAI, there in only information on what is required to be taught for NAII certification on NC BON site, and DFS doesn't even touch it.....
  5. by   fgoff
    i hope this helps!
    i know of some cc that offer na ii as well. but i'm not sure where you're from so
    again good luck with locatng a program of study.
    from bon site:

    the nurse aide ii performs more complex nursing skills with emphasis on sterile technique in elimination, oxygenation, nutrition after successful completion of an approved nurse aide ii training and competency evaluation program. these activities will be delegated to the nurse aide ii only after consideration of the variables described in rule .0401(b) and (c) of this section. pursuant to g.s. 90-171.55, as of january 1, 1991 no individual may function as a nurse aide ii unless:
    (1) the individual has successfully completed, in addition to an orientation program specific to the employing agency, a board of nursing approved level ii nurse aide program or its equivalent as identified by the board of nursing;
    (2) the individual is listed as a level i nurse aide on the dfs nurse aide registry with no substantiated findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of property; and
    (3) the agency has inquired of the board of nursing as to information in the board of nursing nurse aide ii registry concerning the individual and confirms with the board of nursing that the individual is listed on the board of nursing nurse aide ii registry (bonnar) as a nurse aide level ii.
    (c) listing on a nurse aide registry is not required if the care is performed by clients themselves, their families or significant others, or by caretakers who provide personal care to individuals whose health care needs are incidental to the personal care required.
    history note: filed as a temporary amendment eff. october 11, 1989 for a period of 180 days to expire on april 6, 1990;
    authority g.s. 90 171.20(2)(4)(7)d.,e.,g.; 90 171.43(4); 90 171.55; 42 u.s.c.s. 1395i3 (1987); eff. march 1, 1989; amended eff. december 1, 1995; march 1, 1990.
    21-36.0404 . listing and renewal

    (a) all nurse aide ii's, as defined in rule .0403(b) of this section, regardless of working title, employed or assigned in a service agency or facility for the purpose of providing nursing care activities shall be listed on the board of nursing nurse aide ii registry and shall meet the following requirements:
    (1) successful completion of a nurse aide ii program or its board-approved equivalent;
    (2) ged or high school diploma;
    (3) listed as a level i nurse aide on the dfs nurse aide registry with no substantiated findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of property; and
    (4) submission of an application to the board of nursing for placement on the board of nursing nurse aide ii registry prior to working as a nurse aide ii.
    the application shall be submitted with the required fee within 30 days of completion of the nurse aide ii program. application for initial listing received in the board office between april and june shall show an expiration day of june 30 of the following year.

    (b) nursing students currently enrolled in board of nursing approved nursing programs desiring listing as a nurse aide ii shall submit:
    (1) an application fee; and
    (2) a listing form completed by the nursing program director indicating successful completion of course work equivalent in content and clinical hours to that required for a nurse aide ii.
  6. by   VickyRN
    Nurse Aide II Program Guidellines

    NA II programs are offered throughout the state at local community colleges. Check with the community college in your area (under "Continuing Education") about the nearest available program.

    A simple Google search brought up many community colleges offering NA II courses. Here is an excerpt from Gaston Community College's NA II webpage:

    Here is another one from Pitt Community College:

    Haywood Community College:

    Beaufort County Community College:
  7. by   supermo
    You're brighter than me

    My google searches only turn up GC and their program is not an option. I do appreciate the other links.....

    The only reason I am looking into it is because a lot of the positions listed at the local hospitals seem to require NAII. I can't decide if it is really necessary. I don't know anyone with NAII cert.
  8. by   VickyRN
    Most nursing programs will certify you as NA II after successful completion of second semester... so ask your nursing faculty!
  9. by   supermo
    They told us about NAI cert after the first semester.... I will definitely ask them about NAII after second semester.