Anyone from Wake tech CC?

  1. Hii Fellow North Carolinians!
    Hope everyone is having a good Sunday.
    I am nowhere close to doing anything nursing yet ,the closest thing being contemplating doing it.
    I just had a few questions.I will be attending an information session in Waketech soon and I wanted to know how does this work.
    So you attend a session, fill out a form, take a COMPASS test, fax transcripts and all that.What is next? I understand that applying and taking actual nursing classes will be phase 2 of application.So what does one do between these two phases?Will they inform us of any pre-requisites to complete?If that is the case, can we take online classes and finish those.And do they have to be with WakeTech or can we take online classes with any online university?

    I am sorry if this a lot of questions but just very curios

    Have a good one!

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  3. by   CarolinaGirl1112
    Thanks for posting...I'm curious, too!
  4. by   SaucyCNA
    Wake Tech is on a points system for the nursing program. It is based on your GPA for nursing pre-requisites. In order to be admitted to the actual program, you have to have:
    Eng 111 (can be taken online)
    Eng 112 (also online)
    Psych 150 (online)
    Developmental Psych (online)
    Pass out of the Compass Math and Reading skills
    high school chemistry or better
    A&P 1
    A&P 2
    Nutrition (online)

    While you are not actually required to have all the science classes, you gets points for them, and there is no way you can beat out the other students points without having most of them done. They are also all prerequisites of eachother, so you could take maybe A&P 1 and nutrition in the same semester, then A&P2 and micro in the same semester, then Patho after that. The prereqs take a long time to complete. On top of that, you need your CNA to apply to the nursing program, and you need to take the TEAS.

    Hope this helps! I thought I was actually going to get through this associates in 2 years! HA! It took me a year and a half just to get all the prereqs done. I recommend starting as soon as you can.