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    I had a quick question. I am hoping to pursue my ARN at alamance community college and was wondering if anyone has ever/if you are allowed to complete the program in under two years? I have a bachelors degree in biology (which will likely help me opt out of a few classes) but accelerated programs are not an option for me considering I have little ones to take care of so I really need to be able to work while in school (which is why I like ACC, they have a night program). If anyone has any advise on this, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
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    Hi Zac! I am a graduate of ACC Nursing Program in 2007 and currently a student at the UNCG cohort that meets at ACC. I also work with an instructor still currently there at ACC. I can tell you there isn't an "accelerated" option once you enter the program. You will probably get credit for some of the coursework considered as pre-requisites, however, you must complete all the required classes such as Statistics and Microbiology before you can be accepted. It is a highly competitive program as well, so you have to have nearly a perfect GPA if you expect to start within whatever time frame you have. It is an excellent program regardless and I never felt like I was not prepared to enter the workforce or take the NCLEX for that matter. They have extremely high standards. Locally, the hospitals preferred our graduates from ACC over UNC, Duke, and UNCG graduates because they can hit the floor running. That says a lot from an ADN program. You can work without issues if you start the night program, but keep in mind they only accept to the night program every so often, and again, once you are in the program you are limited to their schedule and cannot deviate. If you want flexibility in course load and how many credit hours you take each semester, let me suggest the UNCG option to you. You will be able to adjust your schedule every semester and graduate with a BSN- which will be required anyways if you get a job in a hospital setting.

    UPDATE: The other thing you may not know of as well, is that the program once you enter is 2 years no matter what. Longer if you go part-time at night. It takes most another 1-2+ years to complete the pre-requisites that you MUST have done prior to entering the program. I hope this all helps. If you think of any other questions just let me know!!
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