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While browsing as a non-member, I noticed someone requesting info on RN-MSN programs that admit non-RNs. The program I am in is 2 years, a Southern Ivy League School. I entered with a BA in psychology and will graduate as an RN, MSN, and PMHNP(Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner) in only 2 years. HOWEVER, BEWARE!!!!! My life is not mine!!! 4 years of intense nursing in 2 years!!!! The first year is the RN course and clinical work and the 2nd is the master's level course and clinical work. While trying to survive an overload of work I had to prepare and take the NCLEX the 2nd year feling as if I have failed it. I don't know if I passed or not. My GPA is 3.7, but believe me I have NO LIFE. I hate to discourage anyone, but please go the traditional way. It's NOT WORTH IT!!! My health has been adversely effected. I am taking anti-anxiety and anti-depressants just to survive this nightmare. We take 6-7 courses in one semester, whereas traditional graduate programs you take 3 courses per semester. Also, you just can not learn nursing. You're are RUSHED through everything including clinical time. Sincerely, a Top Student who has BLACK circles under her eyes, and feeling aged 5 years from this program.

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