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Non-nursing Masters (now AD or MEPN?) CA

by SunnySD83 SunnySD83 (New) New

I have a bachelors in physiology and a masters in biology. I would really like to become a nurse and eventually an NP.

I was planning on doing the AD route since I figured I already had a masters and the masters entry program in nursing (MEPN) would give me a masters but I would still have to go back and get a (3rd) masters to be an NP. Also the AD program is by far cheeper then the MEPN and I (just barely) missed the deadline for the MEPN so would have to wait another year before I could even apply.

But I am reading a lot about AD nurses having trouble getting jobs. I am wondering if the non nursing masters will help me or I will be in the same predicament as anyone with just an AD vs. a BN. For reference I live in San Diego and I am 28

I guess it comes down to...

-I would like to do the cheeper program

-I know I could still work (part time) during the AD but not the MEPN

-I don't want to wait another year to apply


-I want to be able to get a job

-I want to have a job with some upward mobility when I get out

-I want to be able to go on and become a NP

Thank you very much for your help and input!