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Should be hearing back from NOCROP soon! Anyone else been accepted into the Fundamental 1 course starting January 31st? :yeah:

Yes! I have! I am so excited and ready! But I am super nerves for the rubric they use on the adults. I scored myself at best I will get 50/110 thats failing! Should I be super worried about the rubric score?

We just need to try our best, give it our all and get an A :yeah:!!

Hi there! I'm taking the TABE test on wednesday... How hard is the test? How should I study for it any suggestions?

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hello, does any one know anybody who took the veeb entrance exam last week? and how many classes do u take in one semester, i just want to know how the school works. the website is not very helpful.

I took pre-entrance test yesterday. I did not score high enough. I will be re-taking the test in October.

i graduated from rop in december 2010. we started with 68 students. i was an alternate and i got in. we ended with 36 students at the end. it is a tough program. you have to study every day and night. there were times i didn't sleep well because we constantly had quizzes and skills testing and projects. but it was WORTH IT. ROP has a great reputation and cypress instructors came to talk to us about how they will put our applications first before other applicants when we apply for bridge program.

so far we have close to 100% passing in nclex on our first attempts from my class of 36 students. :) they prepare us so much (more than enough) for the nclex. it's like boot camp.

i don't regret going here at all. plus at my time, i paid less than $3,000 for tuition and $200 bucks for books online. i'm not sure about the tuition right now.

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