No I quit,Do I report to someone about the neglect and other stuff?

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I work in a retirement home (worked). As of Friday I have quit.I was working as a nurses aide (called a PSW in Canada) prior to this job and now I worked as an office manager.As an office manager there was no hands on care but I was doing HR work, Payroll and setting up call bells for new residents.

I was called into the office on Thursday because the previous week the Admin (who is an RPN) and the full time RPN where on holidays and I told a residents family just that.Her mom had just gotten back from the hospital 2 days before and the daughter was very concerned about her health.She asked where the nurse was, I am not a lier so I told her both nurses where away. She was a little shocked.She then asked me who could help if her mom had a crises,I told her the "Guest Attendant" would be there.The guest attendants are not required to take any courses and it is on the job brief training,in the last emergency (an MI) I had to show her how to take a pulse and put on oxygen.These woman are not trained in the least.AND there are 43 residents and 1 "attendant" who does meds, cleans rooms,serves meals and does everyhting else.I could understand why this woman was concerned.

The med cart is left and sometimes not locked up and they get a 8 hr training course for medications.There have been 3 complaints of neglecting medical problems in residents.They claim this is because it is "independant" living.I disagree as we are supposed to have 24 hour care.

I am not bitter but when told I had to lie for this job I had to quit morally.I would love to tell the head office what is going on but I have no idea if I should.

Don't get me wrong I am NOT bashing nurses, just these 2.

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