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No drinking allowed on treatment floor

Specializes in Dialysis, ER, Med/Surg,Hospice. Has 13 years experience.

Since I have started working in dialysis I have had over 6 UTI’s. We can not have any drinks on the floor. If I left the floor to get a drink everytime I needed one I would be gone a lot. Not counting going to the restroom.

llg, PhD, RN

Specializes in Nursing Professional Development. Has 43 years experience.

Can you find a compromise arrangement? -- I.e. a space out of view of the patients, where drinks could be stored on or very near the unit so that you can pop in a take a swig or 2 without having to actually "leave the floor" for more than 1 or 2 minutes?

That's what my hospital does. Drinks have to be in enclosed, labeled containers and stored in a specific, designate spot -- just out of sight of the patients and visitors. Staff can then step into that space and take a quick drink without having to "get coverage" or anything like that.

rhyde, LPN

Specializes in Nephrology/Dialysis. Has 40 years experience.

We have a counter off the main floor that we set our drinks on. You don't say, but I am assuming that this is outpatient hemodialysis. I would talk with your manager and see if there is somewhere you can leave a drink that won't make you be off the floor for too long each time you need a drink. Your history of UTI's should encourage them to help you in some way.


Specializes in Dialysis. Has 1 years experience.

Same issue in my clinic! I used to feel so dehydrated at the end of my shift that my kidneys ached. We were able to convince the manager to let us store covered drinks on a small table in his office, which is just off the treatment floor. Wouldn't hurt to see if you could work out a similar arrangement.


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