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No credit for being a nursing assistant?

Specializes in Geriatrics/home health care.

I was just looking at the extra credit areas to get into the local nursing program and I noticed that they had a list of health professions that would grant extra credit on your overall score. I noticed that personal fitness training was on the list, but not CNA or Patient care technician! I am sure personal fitness training is good and teaches someone a little bit about the human body but in all seriousness, when you are a CNA or PCT you actually work with sick patients and I just don't see how a personal trainer would prepare you more for being a nurse than a CNA or PCT would. Does anybody else besides me think this is kind of BS?

I guess it depends on the RN program...I am trying to get into Riverside city college in CA and they give points for having your CNA license. Good luck finding a school that will give you credit for having your license :)


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