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NMJC Online Micro

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Has anyone taken online Micro at New Mexico Junior College?

I have, whats up?

What did you do in essence to study for the exams? Are the exams curved or the class curved? I'm just curious on what methods you used to study for the class and how many hours a week did you put into it?

I made notecards and used quizlet to practice for the quizzes and tests. No its not curved at all really. I put in about 4-5 hours a week, I should have done more but I made it out with a B. So it doesn't really require a lot, I am not including the time it took me to actually perform the lab or do hw. The 4/5 hours was strictly studying, I felt like the hw assignments and even more so the quizzes really make it clear what you need to know.

I did not have a whole lot of problem, do your labs and hw assignments, quizzes are open book for the most part and the exams (mid term and final) are closed book (but who's at your house?) =)


Do you feel like the quiz questions were recycled on exams or questions from the quiz show power points?

Oh definitely, I don't even recall many questions she wrote herself. I found most of the questions & answers on quizlet, when I googled them.

How did you find the questions on quizlet if Respondus browser is required? Also, how do you recommend studying for the lab exam?

I am not in anyway encouraging this however, I have two laptops so I opened the test on one and google'd on my other.

The lab mid term was a little hard for me, I got a C on it but an A on the final for lab. I would study by really going thru your procedures for labs and the results as well as reading over the lab "handouts" she sends. The online labs (the ones that are done on a website) aren't required but she will ask you questions about it on the lab exam.

Would I be able to have your email, I can't private message you. :(