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NMC Pack 1

by mikmisoRN mikmisoRN (New) New

Greeting Fellow NMC (Filipino) Applicants! I too have entered into this stressful world of NMC registration and currently barely making my way through filling out the most basic of NMC forms, Pack 1. I've been scouring the deep dark bowels of the internet for answers and guidance yet I am still empty handed. I have also scanned countless discussions here in allnurses.com yet I have not found one soley dedicated to the NMC Pack 1. These queries of mine are all extremely basic/rookie/petty stuff, I probably already know all its answers, but the *problem is, I just don't get the way they construct some of the questions. I'm not sure if that's just how the English usually throw questions or am I just plain clueless, most probably the latter. HAHA. HELP!

Here they are, brace yourselves...

NMC PACK 1 -Section 6:Registration Authority Registration held: (???, held? held when? held where? )

Name of Registration Authority: ? ( Okay, I got this...but should I write: a.) Republic of the Philippines Professional Regulation Commission, b.) Professional Regulation Commission, or c.) just, "PRC".

-Section 9: Agency Contact Name ( Do they mean to ask for the Contact Person? Contact Number? Vagueness level: over 9000)

-What to do if I commit an error on those boxes? Is the use of correction fluid allowed?

-One last thing, I've already paid my 140.00 fee online via credit card, I got a payment receipt on my email, should I print it and send it back with my completed Pack 1?


I must have probably established an OCD persona in your heads, but that's just how I am when I'm extremely cautious, stressed, and excited all at the same time. Anyways, Hope someone sees this. Thanks in advance! Salamat! :cat: