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NMC-CBT Experience

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I took the exam on the morning of July 10th and I am glad to say that I passed it.

On reflection, I would say that the exam tests mainly the caring nurse in you. Yes they ask about theory- or book- or objective- questions like computations and whatnot, but the majority of the questions really tests how "Florence Nightingale-ish" you are. I feel that the questions seeks to find out how you prioritise the safety and individuality of your patient. The questions are easy to understand but the choices given will confuse you, critical thinking must be fully employed.

So I must say that if you are to take the exam, go to the NMC Website and read about the Nurses Code and follow all the links that are provided. If you encounter words or anything that are unfamiliar to you, search in google and read about it. The Royal Marsden is a good resource to study but I would not recommend it as it only sucked out the determination I had to study because it was very intimidating. But if you do, skip out on the procedures and anatomy and pathophysiology part.

Good luck!

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