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NLN - Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors (ACES) campaign

Has 16 years experience. Specializes in Gerontological, cardiac, med-surg, peds.

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advancing care excellence for seniors (aces)

friday, june 11, 2010 in philadelphia, pa

friday june 25, 2010 in altamonte springs, fl

the nln is sponsoring two workshops to highlight our advancing care excellence for seniors (aces) campaign. join us in philadelphia, pa at the hub cira centre, adjacent to amtrak's 30th street station, on friday, june 11, and at seminole state college of florida on the altamonte springs campuson friday, june 25.

as the population ages, nurses are seeking new ways to provide excellent care for an increasing number of older adults. these workshops are designed for faculty from all types of prelicensure programs and will introduce a new framework for the care of older adults using an array of excellent geriatric resources.

the workshops are generously funded by the john a. hartford foundation, the independence foundation, and laerdal medical. therefore the cost is only $50.00 for residents of pa and $75.00 for nln members from other states. that way you can bring teams of faculty to reframe care of older adults in your curriculum.

don't forget to visit aces on the nln website. your go-to place for gerontological resources!

click here and discover powerpoint resources to enhance both classroom and clinical teaching. assessment tools from the hartford/ajn how to try this series are also available.

an excellent article from the atlantic monthly has been posted at www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/04/letting-go-of-my-father/8001. the article highlights the difficulties experienced by one man as he cared for his aging father who had parkinson's disease. you may find it helpful for designing case studies that focus on transitions experienced by older adults and caregiver stress.


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