NLC ACE I exam

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Trying to find some information about this test on the internet, and oddly you have nothing. No sample tests, questions, nothing. Has anyone taken this test before? I have heard some people say it's really easy, I have heard some people say it is really hard. Is it set up NCLEX style?

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I don't remember which is Ace 1 but I took Ace 1 and 2, Nln testing. The mental health, mental illness was hard but I made a 75 on it. Very proud of that grade. Never had any books but did copy and review much on Mainly studied under Psychiatry. The maternal child was hard! Made a 73 and 63 so I got credit for neither. You have to pass them both the same day. You get two attempts. Never did my second attempt as got accepted to another nursing program that doesn't require the Nln testing. I found a few review tests. Search under Nclex review? There was also or nurseanna?

This test the instructor told me it was med-surg and some dosage calculations. I already took the math test, passed that, now I have to pass this test. She never said anything about maternity, psych or any of those. Just it was basic LPN knowledge of med-surg patients. Maybe it's just different in other places. Some were describing this test that it was grammar, English, and science, but that was a HESI test I took in March. IDK, maybe it's just different in other places. Thanks for the info tho! Your description made me nervous as I haven't looked at any of that stuff!

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