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NJ school nurse certification programs


Has 38 years experience.


I am starting to look at programs for Sept. to get my school nurse certification in NJ (I have my BSN). I live in Union County and work full-time in Bergen County so need to be able to get to a night class in a certain time frame.

If anyone is willing to share their experiences in the program they used (pros and cons) it would be appreciated. You can only find out so much information by the schools websites.

One of the things that concerns me before I start all this is: how to you do the clinical component AND work FT? I am working as a school nurse in a district that has certified nurses in other schools. Do programs allow you to use your work experience as your clinical as long as a certified nurse is willing to act as a preceptor, even if that certified nurse is not at your side all day?

Does anyone know of any options to do any of the courses online?



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