NJ Endorsement 2021

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Hi everyone! 

Just wanted to see if anyone could share their recent experiences endorsing their RN license in NJ. I applied for endorsement recently, and luckily was able to get in a few days later to have my fingerprints done. On my checklist on NJBON, my fingerprints say completed, but I’m still waiting on them to go through the other parts of my application (already uploaded NURSYS confirmation, birth certificate, 2x2 passport pic). Also, did anyone who applied recently have to send in nursing schools transcripts? I called and asked, however, they said they would let me know if they needed it. If others have needed to send them in for endorsement, I’d rather get the ball rolling now ? Any advice would be helpful! Thank you!!  

Hi! How did it end up going for you? I just submitted by licensure by endorsement last week. It already says that my background check is completed, which is really surprising. I'd very much appreciate any info you have on the process.

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