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Has anybody been through Northern Illinois University's Nursing Program? Any insight/experiences would be awesome to hear about :)


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I am partially through NIU's BSN program and loving it so far. :)

Do you have any questions in particular?

General stuff....

When you register will be based on how many credit hours you have. So if you think you care about what teachers you get or getting the clinical everyone else wants, you might want to consider the honors program if you don't mind some extra work. Honors students, student athletes, and disabled get to register 2 days earlier. So many people have degrees already or have changed majors so have lots of credit, so just being a college junior would put you at the back of the pack. If it's not a big deal, I'm sure you'll do fine. Many people just don't want the extra work/hassle of honors and they are okay. You can also change your mind and join later, but since you are doing your four years at NIU, you might want to do the lower division honors along the way if that's something that interests you.

Stress management techniques are good to have incorporated, time management, also meal planning. The nursing building is almost a mile away from the rest of campus, but they do have a fridge and microwave for students, so think about things you can pack to have with you on those long days.

Not all clinicals are going to be in Dekalb, and even when in Dekalb, it can be a hike. First track "clinicals" are just in a lab in the nursing building, but starting second track, you have to go to clinical sites. So second track is when you have to start planning your transportation - will you have a car, have you met someone you can carpool with, etc.

Clinicals are registered for like other classes, but when students aren't allowed to switch anymore, they aren't visible anymore in the course search. You have to actually click on each section to see where the clinical site is.

You have time to get your study skills, organizational skills, etc ironed out. Yes nursing school is time consuming, lots of work. Some people really struggle with it. If you get a grade you aren't happy with, it's a complete waste of energy to spend much time beating yourself up over it. Have yourself a little pity party, then get over it and think about what you can try differently for next time.

And if you happen to do really well, be decent about it to your classmates. The competition was getting into the program, but now that you are in, the people that are in your track are the people that are going to get you through those 5 semesters. :)

Good luck and feel free to ask whatever!

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