Nightingale (online) or Samuel Merritt BSN?

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Hi, I need some advice. 
I'm in the dilemma about which one to apply for. Nightingale is an online regionally accredited BSN school and has 3 semesters a year. You have to fly out for clinicals once a semester for 7 days and have preceptorship. Their clinicals quality is a hit or a miss I heard. I want to apply for the fall program and have to complete 7 semesters=2.3 years.
Samuel Merritt is near where I live and in person. However, their fall application deadline has passed hence I have to wait for the Spring to start. This one is 5 sem=2.5 but doesn't have preceptorships. 
I don't have the competitive GPA for other public schools in California:/  
Will I have struggle being hired here in the Bay Area if I go with nightingale instead? I don't have a nursing/ healthcare background
If you have any advice, do let me know! 
Thank you:)

Im gonna post it here too because everyone needs to have a heads up

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Hello to all considering attending Nightingale College for nursing,

In my personal opinion, there are a few things you should be aware of before making your decision. Nightingale College might not be the best school if you're looking to feel confident as a nurse or to have a comprehensive understanding of the material. The teaching style often requires you to teach yourself. Again, YOU TEACH YOURSELF, which can leave you unsure about what you're actually learning and if it's relevant. The amount of homework can be overwhelming, and it's unclear if it's effective for learning. HOMEWORK IS TEN TIMES A REGULAR SCHOOL. No joke. You may feel lost at times due to a lack of clear answers from staff. You'll go through a maze first before you get the answers you need. Another consideration is the cost. While you might initially think you're saving money, the tuition fee increases every semester, which can add up over time. THEY RAISE TUITION FEE EVERY SEMESTER! I repeat, THEY RAISE TUITION FEE EVERY SEMESTER. Also, I don't know if it's your jam but there's a requirement to upload a video for skills, but concrete examples or proper demonstrations might not always be provided. So you're most likely will just wing it. It feels like a scam sometimes like they purposely want you to fail so that they can get more money since you have to repeat the class. They also do not accept some pre-reqs from accredited schools for some weird reason (AGAIN, MORE MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKET). You have to travel for clinicals only to work in a nursing facility. Let me make it clear, YOU DO FREE LABOR DOING CNA (with all due respect for these workers) WORK but you pay tons and travel, which is coming out of your pocket, only to learn nothing of value as a nurse. Californians can't even have closer assignments. Take note of that. 

Not a good experience. Reconsider and weigh all your options. Looks good when they are trying to get you in and how they orient you, but overall, there's just so many regrets on attending this school. 

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