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Nightingale international garden grove ca

by chexaim chexaim (New) New

Has anyone heard this school? They offering ASN program from a foreign country online based, they are not accredited yet but they said I will be able to take the NCLEX after I graduate. I am interested to enroll but I want to make sure I invest my time and money to a legitimate school. I am a US citizen and they told me I will be ASN grduated from a foreign country.

please help/.........

If you contact the Ca BRN, all they can tell you is it's not an accredited program. Sounds like a huge gamble.

beware of this school. the board of registered nurses specifically says on its website that it will not allow you to sit of the exam if you studied at an online or foreign school. check out the website for yourself: www.rn.ca.gov/

This school is located in garden grove, they will tell you that you will be able to take the Nclex but they will not tell you where. bec they are not a legitimate school here in california

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