Night shift with Type 1 Diabetes - How to adjust?


I'm a recent graduate and I'm starting as a GN in the Acute Care Rotation at a big time hospital in my area until I become an RN in a month (hopefully). I just found out that I will be working night shift for my first 12 week rotation. Thing is, I have Type 1 Diabetes with a pump. My basal rate is set at a MUCH lower rate at night when I sleep, and I'm really worried that my BG is going to go crazy with me up at night and sleeping during the day. Is there anyone who works night shifts that can give me good advice for switching up my basal rates for the nights I work and then for my off days? Also, what is a good suggestions for eating during the night and having a workout schedule? I'm an avid runner and I hear that putting on weight is particularly easy when on night shift.

Also, as my many questions may have suggested, I'm a bit worried about night shifts due to the fact that I'm a morning person through and through. I have a very difficult time going to bed past 1030 (seriously). Anyone have any suggestions for switching up my schedule so I am able to make it through nights, but also be able to sleep on my nights off?

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Per the TOS, we can not give you medical advice. You will need to talk with your primary care provider about how to tweak your basal rates to manage your BG and best suit your new schedule.

Best of luck with the new job!

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