Night Shift Nursing Alternative Schedule


I will be starting a new job, night shift 11pm to 7am. I've never worked night shift before and have two very small babies at home. It seems like most folks who work night shift go to sleep right when they get home or within an hour of that, but I would like to hear from folks who WAIT to go to sleep until around 3pm and then sleep until 9pm or so.

My husband works 9-5, Monday through Friday, and we are trying to minimize childcare costs. I also feel like this would be more similar to my normal sleep pattern where I would sleep 9pm to 6am on a normal non-workday. What do you think? Does this type of schedule work (or really NOT work) for any of you? I would also really like to hear from parents of very young children.



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I don't have children myself but I work plenty of mothers with numerous children and small children at home that work nights. Some sleep after spouse gets home some take naps during the day some sleep a few hours a day. Depends on what works for you. We work 12hr shifts. Definitely make sure to take nap before work. It will help get you through and eat well balance meals.