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I have a question or two regarding a future decision of mine that I would like your input on.

For the last two years I have been working in two different job roles. 1. Critical care nurse (Acute Cardiac, Medical Intensive, and Trauma Surgical ICUs). 2. Information technology (IT). Both at the same hospital.

Let me preface by saying that working with and on computers has been a hobby of mine for 15 years or so. I have been an RN for eight. Becoming CRNA is my career goal, not computers.

The IT department needed someone from the clinical area to come in and provide them with clinical insight. I felt that this was a remarkable opportunity for both the IT dept. and me. I want to be able to perform a higher standard of patient care by understanding the background of the technology used in all of the patient care areas. This temporary move has been very valuable in providing me with the clinical insight that sought.

But now, I'm ready to return my focus back to patient care. There are two full time positions available to me. One is Neonatal ICU and the other is Cardiovascular ICU. I know that some CRNA programs just love for students to have CVICU background (which I used to work there often a few years ago), but what about Neonatal Intensive Care? Are there any CRNA or SRNAs out there with exclusive NICU background?

Thanks in advance for your advice/input...



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You may want to check out each school you're interested in and then decide. Several of the schools I looked into specifically stated that NICU did not count towards ICU experience, as well as ER and PACU. But if there is a school that you have you're sights on then call and ask before you make a decision, or check out their homepage (most of them are very informative!). I personally have only worked with adults in SICU and CSU so it didn't really come into play.

Good Luck!

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