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NICU preceptor

mollys03 mollys03 (New) New

I am looking for feedback on your current preceptor programs. I am interested specifically in

-What the process is to be a preceptor (application, interview, experience, etc)

-What training do you have to go through to be a preceptor. Is there any annual meeting/requirement you have to meet?

-What resources/education are available to you as a preceptor?

- How are people invested in being a preceptor? Why do people do it besides the money?

-What accountability is there for preceptors to do a good job?

I am looking into starting a preceptor committee for our unit but need more info. Right now our educator just asks random people if they want to precept- some of them should not be nor are they qualified. I think some people just do it for the money. I would like to make some mandatory meetings preceptors have to attend to stay up to date on current practices and make sure all our preceptors are teaching the new hires the same thing. Does anyone else do that? How do you get people to want to attend?