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I am brand new to this site.. and i love it. I just graduated last weekend with a BSN and really really want to work in the NICU. I have applied to numerous places in several cites and parts of the... Read More

  1. by   LuvbabiesRN
    Thanks nurses for all your advice!!!
  2. by   copperpenny
    Have you tried Louisville, KY ?

    We have three hospitals in the area that NICUs. I am a new Grad and they have hired three from my class alone to the dept. I will be working at Kosair Children's Hopsital. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need additional information.

  3. by   roxannekkb
    I went straight from school to NICU so don't get discouraged. There was no way that I could've worked adults, especially on a med/surg floor. I would've been out of nursing in one week (instead, it took me 10 years to finally quit, but that's another story (-.

    Don't give up. It did help that I worked in a NICU during my schooling, but I didn't go to work at that hospital. And I didn't have any experience in really sick babies, since I wasn't allowed near those.

    Keep trying. I see ads for NICU all the time. If they're really desperate enough, they will train a new grad. Just be persistant, be enthusiastic on your interviews, and you'll get in there.

    You may have an easier time applying to level II nurseries, which handle less acute babies, or working in a stepdown to start.