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Anybody have any tips for getting reliable readings consistently from a transcutaneous CO2 monitor??? Last night, taking care of a 2 week-old former 26+6 weeker, I was ready to kill the TCM. ... Read More

  1. by   NicuGal
    Neither do ours. We use them on the most critical and the smallest ones. We do CAP gases on the others, usually q12-24 hours if we aren't making a lot of moves. We were all dancing when they got rid of the TCM :lol
  2. by   karenelizabeth
    Weve had 2 big problems recently with art lines

    One in a 25 wk twin when they couldnt get an umbilical line in (major prob twin twin transfusion the poor kid had an hb of 4) they just managed periphal canula to put blood and fluids through. I've never seen that consultant fail to get a line in before but thank god the TCP02 was acurate.

    The other was a singleton who must have the worst veins ever the umbilical line had to be removed due to toes discolouring paripheral art line dito with fingers. we ran this kid on tcp02 too no one dares put another art line in.

    Neither was well enough to be on 12 hourly gases
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