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When you hang a piggyback med on a syringe pump, do you change the tubing every time or do you put a flush on and leave the flush on and only change the syringe out? I have been doing some research... Read More

  1. by   lovemyjob
    Quote from KRVRN
    Yes. The tubing stays attached at the stopcock but the syringe at the other end is changed over and over. It doesn't make a lot of sense does it? Plus then we end up leaving a big long med tubing hanging off the IV line, and of course it gets in the way when baby is being held, etc.

    And another thing I wonder about, these med tubings are primed with NS that comes form those little SINGLE USE bottles that are preservative free. So if it's a few hours between meds, the NS jsut sits in the tubing until we infuse another med.
    All fluids given to a baby are preservative free. Also, the inside tubing of the medline is sterile when you open it and u infuse sterile normal saline through it, so though the fluid may sit in it a while, the system is sterile. Plus there is no glucose to feed the bacteria, so its ability to thrive is limited.
  2. by   justjenny
    We use brand new tubing for each med -unless it is two meds due at same time (ex: 1300 Amp and Gent are due....Some RNs hook up Amp and run it over 5 minutes, flush then run Gent, flush and D/C tubing)

    We RARELY use central lines and that seems to be the difference in our low infection rates...only the tiniest and sickest get a central line of ANY kind (UAC, PICC, Broviac) the MAJORITY are all PIV.