re-structurating the interdisciplinary teamwork

  1. Dear Colleagues,

    our unit (Ped/Neonat. ICU) is currently in the process of re- structuring the interdisciplinary teamwork. We like to see our work as a relational triangle between Nurses, Physicians and Patients (& Parents) which can (and should) be optimised. We are focussing on optimising our feedback culture, roles and competencies, decision making, as well as our working procedures.
    We are searching for a model which focuses on the topics mentioned above. The goals which should be achieved by implementing such a model are:

    To ensure an outstanding care of our patients & their parents
    To optimise the interdisciplinary teamwork
    To bring a flat hierarchy into use
    To increase communication skills between the disciplines
    To shorten the decision making process
    To warrant a higher job satisfaction
    To rise the climate of reciprocal estimation
    Responsibility should be carried collectively
    The model should be adaptable and viable

    If someone feels that his/her unit reflects and lives the philosophy mentioned above and has a written policy regarding a certain model which could help us to implement it at our unit, please feel free to contact me privately or via this forum. We would like to send someone to your unit "as a spy" to see what the secret of your success is...
    Thank you for your replies in advance
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  3. by   CRDBear
    the hospital where i used to work had initiated relationship based care about 4-5 monthes before i transfered within the heath system to the hospital i currently work in. the book they used to start was relationship-based care: a model for transforming practice by [color=#003399]mary koloroutis (author), [color=#003399]jayne felgen (author), [color=#003399]donna wright (author), [color=#003399]colleen person (author), [color=#003399]marie manthey. from what i remember, it was a pretty basic approach that transcended beyond nursing and applied to everyone in the organization. it was a hospital-wide iniatitive but the model was practical and easy to follow and adapt so it might be somewhere for you to start. from talking to some of my old co-workers, it had been going over well and the transition was fairly easy. hope that helps!