1. I am trying to decide whether to return to PICU (only 1.5 yrs exp.in PICU, 5 years total all Peds) or try NICU. After reading the threads, I can really tell you all love your profession. I enjoyed the PICU and still regret leaving so soon but something is telling me to try NICU. What would you consider the PROS of NICU versus PICU? Anyone with experience in both areas?
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  3. by   randybayrn
    I don't have experience yet as I just graduated in December, however I will be starting a job as a new grad in the NICU. They have told me that I can be cross trained to the PICU once I gain experience and get through the orientation. This is totally exciting to me as I want to work both of these units eventually. Could you do the same?
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  4. by   PEDSVA
    In the hospital that I worked PICU we were required to float to NICU and vice-versa but they don't formally cross train you as far as I know. When we did float we are given the easiest assignment they had. MY hospital isn't it's own free standing childrens hospital (althought they plan to be in the future), I wish we did have that oportunity because I would have jumped on it.
  5. by   SteveNNP
    I work FT NICU and PRN PICU.... I love NICU, because babies are my passion, however I also enjoy the variety and additional complexity of PICU. In NICU you often see the same diagnoses. You occasionally see some interesting and rare things. Now, this isn't to say that you won't see interesting and highly acute cases, but we're not talking traumas and DKA... NICU is a whole new game that includes new drugs, developmental interventions, and involves a heckuvalot more teaching and long-term interaction with the family. If PICU was your passion, go back... If you're eager to try NICU, go for it!