NICU's in Atlanta, GA

  1. Hello Everyone!!

    I wanted to know which hospitals in the Atlanta area have NICU's or special care nurseries. If there is anyone who works in a NICU in Atlanta, could you please tell me which one you work at and what are the starting salaries for your facility. I will be graduating in December and I may have to relocate.


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  3. by   becca.utns
    Hey April, I am graduating in a week and probably moving to Atlanta in January. I found online that nurses with 2-3 years exp. earn around $48,000 in Atlanta. I couldn't find out how much new grads would make though.

    I don't know too much about the hospitals except Emory Crawford Long Hospital on Peachtree St. hires new grads for nurse residencies which is what I'm looking for, but I didn't see anything for NICU for new grads. (which is where I want to work also).

    This website has all of the Atlanta Hospitals and links to their hospitals...