NICU Nurse practitioners! - please answer some questions

  1. Hi everybody,

    I am RN nurse specialized in pediatrics and now am enrolled in RN-BSN program. I am really very interested to pursue my career in neonatal intensive care nursing.

    During the RN-BSN program, we have to write a role paper about the advanced nursing practice we are interested in and would like to specialize in; also, we have to ask some interviewing questions and include them in the paper.

    So, I would like to ask you for help since I haven't started to work in U.S. (I am from the Czech Republic, ...) and therefore do not have many chances to encounter NICU NP.

    If you can, please, answer following questions:

    * How did you become interested in and prepare for the role as NICU Nurse Practitioner?
    * Please, describe your responsibilities as a NICU NP.
    * Does your actual practice differ from what you expected?
    * What are the rewards/frustrations of practicing in this role as NICU NP?
    * What would be necessary in order for you to function more effectively in the role as NICU NP?
    * What was your basic nursing education and when and why did you decide to continue in NICU advanced nursing?
    * What is the work setting like (e.g. private office, workspace, ...)?
    * What resources are available (e.g. medical equipment, communication devices, clinical assistants, etc.)
    * With whom do you interact as a NICU NP (sharing info, receiving orders, making decisions, etc.)
    * Do others acknowledge your special role? And how?
    * Do you wear a pin with a title and credentials? If yes/no, why? If no, how would others identify your role?
    * Are you satisfied with the actual work you are now performing?
    * How do you consider nurse-doctor relationship in this position?
    * How do you consider nurse-patient relationship in this position?
    * Are you furthermore advancing/specializing in a particular area?

    I know I listed overwhelming number of questions. Certainly, you do not have to answer all. I would be really glad to read some response.

    Again, thank you for your help. I very much appreciate it and I am sure that many other potential NICU nurses/NICU NPs would appreciate such info as well.

    Thank you.

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  3. by   czechmom
    Hi Marketo,i just was just reading all your posts on this website and i hava a question.I'm also from the Czech republic,i graduated nursing school in 1994,worked on ICU for one year an than decided to travel.I've in the US for the past 10 years,got married,had two kids and all that and now I want to get back to the nursing career.I wanted to go through the CGFNS but another Czech girl told me not to even waste my money,because they wont accept my education(she did all that)Pleeease!! If you still around let me know how you actually got into nursing here in the states,and how you even passed the NCLEX!!!!Thanks a lot Pavla