NICU help!!

  1. Hi everyone.. I'm posting because i'm trying to find out some info about the NICU.. The NICU is where i wanna be working.. i wanna do this so bad..I dont know all the levels of the NICU but what i want to do is everything.. i wanna to be able to save a babies life health the baby back to normal weight size.. i wanna do everything the real thing... . What i want to ask is did anyone go to vo-tech for nursing for the NICU?? Do they even have The NICU studys in Vo-tech??Or is it just Nursing??..I heard that you have to be working in a hospital in the nursery for 2years before you can even get in the NICU is that true?? Does college tech you everything that you got to learn for the NICU?? What do you Got to do to even get in the NICU??When Finshing college and get hired at a hospital do you go straight to the NICU?? What things should i start reading or learning?? Someone help and give me some Advice!!!

    Thanks Amy
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