Newborn Resuscitation

  1. One other thing. Will also be conducting a 3-hour lab on Newborn Resuscitation. I have been NRP certified in the past, so it is not new subject material for me--I just would like suggestions on teaching this material to my nursing students. How to best break it down--what things are most important for them to remember... and what things are not (in your expert opinions). THANX!!!!
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  3. by   Jolie
    My suggestion would be to focus on the initial steps. Emphasize that drying, positioning, and warming the baby and establishing an airway and respirations are USUALLY all that is required for newborn resuscitation. Introduce the more advanced measures such as administering fluid and drugs, but don't belabor them. It's a lot of detailed info for students, most of whom will never practice in this area of nursing. Relate the steps to those in adult CPR, which they already have a good understanding of.

    And provide lots of hands-on practice. You simply can't learn NRP from a book by memorizing steps. You must learn to think your way through a situation, and be able to perform the necessary tasks with skilled and practiced hands.
  4. by   VickyRN
    Thank you so much!!! Great suggestions :kiss
  5. by   corks
    Create senarios for them around an open cot with a resus dummy baby but they have to ask you, whats the colour of the baby, whats the tone, whats the heart rate..and so forth. As they ask the questions, they have to tell you what they are doing that way you can create actually scenarios eg: You have a baby, 30 weeks gestation, ventilated, becomes bradycardic and is desaturating. This could be a blocked tube situation. Did Your students note the time, did they call for help straight away, did they extubate and bag and so on. I recently went for a resus update and this was the way the study day was conducted and I found it of great benefit especially a couple of days later when I had a bit of a hairy situation. Good luck, Corks
  6. by   VickyRN
    Thanks!!! These suggestions are a GREAT help !!!