New RN in the NICU?

  1. Hi.. for some of the people who have worked in the NICU for awhile.. what are your thoughts about the brand new RN's working in the nicu? I'm currently working on a trauma/stepdown unit and absolutely hate it. But theres lots of positions for the nicu. I'm only 21.. newly married and haven't had any kids. I know 'floor' nursing is not for me.. but I think that the nicu might be a good fit.. but I"m not sure.

    If you have any thoughts or advice, I'd appreciate it! Thank you!
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  3. by   Finallyat40
    something you might consider, contact the NICU unit manager and ask if you can shadow an RN for the day.....kind of like "A Day in the Life". That way you can get an idea of what a NICU nurse does, how their day works and also a preliminary idea as to whether you would fit into the environment personality wise.

    I started in the NICU straight out of school, participated in a residency program that lasted 18 weeks and was both preceptor and didactic oriented and then was on my own. I still consider myself a work in progress....still learn new things often....and am continually amazed at how these little sweethearts have so much spunk!

    I went into nursing school knowing that NICU was where I wanted to be, but if you'd have told me that I'd be working Level III NICU at the county hospital in a large metroplex area, I'd have probably laughed at you! I love it where I am....the staff, the patient population and the caring atmosphere.

    Good Luck on finding your niche.
  4. by   ashley_michelle
    Thanks for the input. They do have a 'share day' at our hospital.. which you shadow a nurse for a few hours. So maybe I'll check that out. I knew I wanted to be a nurse.. but now the hard part is finding my 'niche' and where I'll be the happiest. I dont want to be one of those nurses that hate being there everyday... I want to want to go to work.. I'm glad you've found a place that you love.. and I pray that I find 'that' place also!

    Thank you!
  5. by   TeachEmNursing
    as long as a new nurse gets the training & supervision needed, there is no reason a new grad can't work in the nicu. i worked ltc for a couple of years before going to nicu and even though i had work experience, i felt like i just graduated all over again. i had good preceptors and support though and that's what counts (imo). i agree with the suggestion to spend a day in the nicu. it will probably be easier for you anyway since you are already in-house.