Neonatal gangrene

  1. I am interested to know if anyone has dealt with gangrene in the NICU. We have a baby in our unit who suffered severe vascular compromise of his leg during surgery to remove a very large teratoma. In order to save his life the surgeons had to cauterize some large vessels, resulting in the cessation of blood flow to his leg. The surgeons are hoping he doesn't develop wet gangrene and want to wait for the leg to fall off on its own, as opposed to amputating it. He has had coag problems since surgery requiring FFP, PLTS or PRBCs daily, so I understand about waiting until that has resolved, if it ever does.
    Has anybody ever dealt with this kind of situation? What should I expect? His mother has asked me to primary him and I am trying to learn all I can to help her and be his advocate.
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