neonatal follow up clinics

  1. I was just curious do any of you have neonatal follow up clinics associated with your hospitals NICU? If yes, what do they do for the babies? Do they manage acute issues or do they just monitor their development?

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  3. by   RN from OZ
    We have a system that does home visits untill the parents are happy on their own. Then they come in to the clinic follow up for 7 years...3monthly 6monthly then after 4 yearly.
    We monitor their developmental progress and address any issues.
    they are seen by the nurse, physio, speach path, neonatologist, optical specialist and surgeon if they had surgery, or require it.
    Parents have acess to councelling, and educational support for the children.
    They decided 8 years ago that it was a poor standard of care to just send these children into the community with no follow up or support. It also benifits us in our research .
  4. by   NicuGal
    We have a very well established Special Care Clinic. We have the main practice at our hospital in our peds area and then a satellite in another county. The kids are followed for up to 6 years....they are followed developmentally there by our fellows and OT/PT. They also have the RSV clinic there. Our dietician is available there and we have our own social worker too.

    Our kids have lots of follow up...but we do have those parents that don't follow thru