Need Advice- Going back to being a NICU nurse

  1. Hi all. I would like some advice from fellow nurses and I thought I'd like to share with you guys my recent dillemma..
    I am a foreign grad with NICU experience in another country, relocated to the US just recently. It's been four years since I left nursing in lieu of another career. Decided to go back and applied for tons of jobs. After a year, I got an interview for a NICU RN position from this really big hospital and the director liked me enough to want to hire me. However the HRD of this hospital required me to take a nurse refresher course as I have been out of nursing for quite a while and am a foreign grad. So now I'm taking the refresher and having my clinicals in the same hospital.
    My problem is..after being exposed in the healthcare setting here in the US, I felt like a total fish out of water. I am currently at a postpartum unit during my clinicals, and I have to say nursing here in US is way more independent than how I experienced in my own country..
    I am feeling now inadequate and am thinking that I am unworthy of the NICU position that is being offered to me. I have three years experience however in my own country we had interns and residents doing all the decision making and invasive procedures. As I understand here in US nursing is more independent which leads me to think that I may be a beginner nurse despite having three years experience in the NICU.
    Long story short, I would love to take the job however I feel I am unqualified for it.
    What do you guys think...Any advice would be appreciated.
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