NCC questions

  1. Hello everyone,
    Well my job is finally giving incentives for certifications, so I went to the NCC website and had some questions for you all.

    After I mail in registration and receive confirmation, I have 90 days to take the online exam?

    And, how did you all prepare?

    Thanks! t.

    btw the website is Home - National Certification Corporation
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  3. by   Zippedodah
    I suggest getting their core curriculum book and the test book that goes with it. That is what we use at work. It is very good and follows the NCC curriculum. Just take it piece by piece.
  4. by   PremieOne
    Our unit sends the nurses to the Hershey NICU course or some take the online NICU course from University of Indiana.
    Also use and read the core Neonatal NICU text and also "Workbook in Practical Neonatology". Good Luck on getting your NCC.