Miami NICUs

  1. Hi all! I'm looking at moving to Miami, FL and was wondering if any of you had info on the local NICUs there. I've posted in the FL forum and checked out all the hospital websites, but they only give so much info. I currently work in a Level III, we do everything including ECMO, iNO, HFOV, surgery, etc. and want to find a similar spot.

    I would greatly appreciate any info that you might be able to provide, please feel free to pm me. Thanks!! :spin:
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  3. by   BabyNurse513
    I think Miami Children's is the big NICU for that area. I had a friend who was a traveler there and from what I remember she liked it but that was 3 years ago.
  4. by   bet0326
    The big three NICU's in Miami are Baptist, Jackson and Miami Children's. All are level III. Baptist just DC'd the youngest baby ever born. Jackson is a county hospital with about 70 NICU beds in total. All three are great places to work but very different. I would visit all three and get a feel for them.
  5. by   nsgshortage
    Miami Children's and Baptist are nice hospitals in nice areas.

    Jackson, is in a less than desirable location with a large urban clientele.

    Another NICU to avoid is Northshore. A large beligerent urban clientele
    who management allows to bully and curse the staff.

    Your best learning experience would be with Memorial in Broward County.
    Clientele can be "needy", but it looks good on your resume.

    Good luck!