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  1. Hey everyone, I just found out that I have an interview scheduled for 12-29 with the NICU nurse manager. I am so excited and extremely nervous. Does anyone have any tips for me? I would like to know what kinds of questions I can expect and what kinds of questions I should ask. Thanks for any help.
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  3. by   minniemiteRN
    Congrats!!! :hatparty: I highly recommend asking how long your orientation will be and if you will be able to extend it if you feel the need. Also find out what the nurse to pt ratios are in both levels II and III of the nsy. Don't forget to ask about pay...uncomfortable but an important question, we're not working for free.
    I would expect to be asked questions like what type of assests do you think you could bring to a team? Questions about teamwork and how you get along with others...NICU nurses depend on each other to get through in tough situations so we need to be able to communicate.
    Basically you passed nursing school so he/she's not going to be worried about your book knowledge and your skills will be tested during orientation. Your interview will be mainly a test of your character and whether or not she feels you would benefit her "team" and if you would be able to work well with both your patients and their parents because they are a package deal.
    Good Luck:wink2: