How to network at a neonatal conference?

  1. Hi there! My name is Devon, from metro-Detroit, and I'm very happy to say I just graduated from my ADN program ! I am however, already enrolled in an RN-BSN starting in fall, as to not let myself get lazy :zzzzz
    I am attending the "Evidence vs. Experience in Neonatal Practices" weekend conference in Chicago next month, my heart is in NICU, infact I'm going for the BSN to then pursue a NNP at Wayne State University .
    My question is, is there any way to network with RNs/managers at the conference without being..well...kinda weird? I've been shadowing NICUs around me but no one is hiring . Should i bring resumes or is that way overboard? *sigh* im willing to try anything at this point! Advice is appreciated
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