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Well, today was my first day of orientation. Just the basics: benefits, name badges, parking decals, etc. This lasted from 7-1 and then i finally got to visit my unit again (NICU). As soon as we... Read More

  1. by   nell

    oh my! it sounds like this nicu has some real problems! and some really bad nurses!
    thats the good thing about working nights, you can just rewrite what was written during the day.
    i think your expectations for orientation are right-on and there need to be some major changes in the way orientation is conducted at that hospital.

    and you, nicunurse_rn, will be a great nicu nurse with or without a good orientation from that hospital. i am very impressed with your gumption to get the orientation you all need. stand up tall - you should be proud of yourself for going to your orientation "advisors" to rectify the problem. shame on those bad preceptors!

    best of luck. keep us updated. give your bad preceptor a kick in the butt from me!
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  2. by   guest01

    I'm sorry your orientation is turning out so badly. You are right on for expecting more. Don't give up sticking up for yourself, perhaps all of you will be a catalyst for change and help nurses who are yet to work there. I can't believe the nurse educator was not supportive. I just started in January, I have been a nurse for 4 years with some bad experiences. My orientation was good. We had 40 days of actual work in the nicu with our preceptors and classes in between, about 6 days worth of classes. Our first day we just watched our preceptors and learned routines. I read her notes to find out ways to chart and she mentioned reading what others have written before to see if there is a phrase you like, but never to copy anything-things could change. my preceptor helped me with everything I did, giving me a little more slack in the last week to prepare me for being on my own, but never not there. Other RN's watched me like a hawk for awhile after my orientation, they were not comfortable having me there covering for their kids on breaks until they got to know me, which is entirely reasonable. In my experience most nurses either precept or not, some hate it. Do the nurses have a choice where you work. What about switching, that has happened where I work if there was a personality conflict etc...
    What is happening is not safe nursing practice, look for someone supportive and ask what they suggest. And about that contract, have you spent your bonus already. You could lose your license if you're not properly trained. I would fight for things to change. I wish you the best, keep us posted.
  3. by   NicuGal
    I am so sorry you had a bad day We don't do any formal classes anymore...just NALS . We have a folder we have to follow when we orient and it is set by weeks. You would start working on day one, with your preceptor helping you. You would assess, do meds and so on. Get a good book and start reading! Merstein is a good one. It does sound like there is a problem there. You need to take the initiative and go to the CNS or NM with all this and tell them how uncomfortable you are.

    I also wanted to comment on the journal...if you do keep one, don't mention it. If something goes to court and they find out you have one it can be called in as "evidence" and anything you wrote can be used. Just and FYI

    Hang in there!!!!