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  1. I'm an RN with 13 years experience (Pediatrics, Step-Down, M/S, Management in a boarding school clinic). I've been working on a M/S unit for the past 2 years, but I am most interested in working in NICU. In fact, my main interest was NICU when I entered Nursing School, but always felt I needed some solid Med-Surg experience first. I left hospital nursing for 7 years, so when I returned to the hospital 2 years ago I sort of felt that I was starting from scratch. Whatever the reasons, I really want to pursue a NICU position seriously now. Currently there aren't any available positions in my hospital (the only NICU in the area). I'd like to prepare myself in anyway possible, so that when a position becomes available I'll be considered. I'm planning on registering for an online NICU course (recommended by Sigma Theta Tau), but it doesn't start until January. Does anyone have any other suggestions (books, online information,....) for someone without ANY NICU experience? I'd love some advice.
    Thanks to all.
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  3. by   Gompers
    I'd make an appointment to meet with the nurse manager of the NICU. You never know when a position might open up, and if you make your interest known it might help. I'd also alert Human Resources to your desire, so that if a transfer is possible in the future they'll be prepared.

    Some people say to take the Neonatal Recussitation course, but personally I think it's best to wait and do that once you get a job in the NICU. It's usually part of the orientation program, and unless you're actually working with neonates, it's kind of pointless to take it now. That's just my personal opinion, though. Others might say to take the class so you have it on your resume if a NICU position opens up.

    There is another class that might be better than Neontal Recussitation - it's called STABLE. It's basically a class that teaches you how to stabilize a sick newborn. http://www.stableprogram.org/program.html

    Hopefully a job will open up soon. You might want to see if the newborn nursery has any positions, or pediatrics, if it looks like it'll be awhile before the NICU has any jobs available.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Bailarina
    With your experience you would be a great asset to any NICU. I doubt you would need to take any special classes, most NICU's offer internships and train you specifically for the NICU. Good luck! :wink2: