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  1. Has anyone gone through the neonatal CNS or NP program through ECU? I have applied and been accepted for the fall semester. Just curious if anyone on this site has gone there and has any feedback they would like to share.

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  3. by   infantsonly
    I will be graduating from ECU's NNP program in May. It is a great program, they have a 100% first time pass rate for boards. I did the program full time while working full time and it has been really busy, but I have learned so much. I knew my clinical rotation sites well in advance (I knew where I would be for all semesters in the fall and didn't start clinicals until the following summer. The professors want to help you succeed. If you have any specific questions let me know!
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    Neonatal is a small world, and I have worked with several of the professors/former professors in that program. They're good people and excellent colleagues.
    I finished my DNP-FNP there last year and am getting ready to start my job after a 6mo break to exhale. The ECU CON professors really do want to help people succeed but they won't baby you. Be prepared to do a lot of self-teaching and if you go to them with questions, be prepared to show them what you've already done/what resources you've already used to help yourself. Best wishes on your journey. You'll graduate a different person than you were when you started.
  5. by   NICURN5678
    That is great that you knew your clinical rotation sites so far in advance. Thank you for your response, I am really excited to begin in the fall.