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    When I was a NICU nurse I never let a parent hold with a UAC in place. Instead I would let them do other things that got them involved in the care of their baby. This was a very common practice for most nurses on the unit.
    A UAC is the only time I won't allow a parent to hold. (i'm also one of the few nurses on my unit that will allow a parent to hold an intubated baby... some won't even allow holding with CPAP, which I attribute to pure laziness.) It's just not safe. One wrong move, and the baby will exsanguinate. There are other ways to get involved, like diaper changing with assistance, temp taking, or just sitting at the bedside holding a leg. Besides, the UAC will only be in or but so long... as much as I advocate for parental involvement, if it means cardiovascular stability, it needs to wait the 4 or 5 days.
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